3 Olympians on ‘Successful Morning Routine’

Dominate your morning routine and WIN THE DAY!

The best athletes in the world share WHY winning the AM sets you up for a successful day.  

summer s

Summer Sanders, courtesy of the transition playbook for athletes

2x Gold Medalist Swimmer, Summer Sanders, says,

“I like to exercise first thing in the morning, so I don’t spend all day thinking, when am I going to fit in my workout? Start your day with some simple accomplishments so that you are ready to focus on what’s next.”

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Starting her day with exercise has served this Olympian well.

The great thing is that exercise can be physical or mental. Whether running, swimming, or lifting weights, physical exercise releases endorphins.

Athletes are extremely familiar with this feeling during training. BUT, how can we re-create those circumstances when we’re no longer in a sports environment?

Here are a few mental exercises athletes can include in their morning routine:

According to Personal Trainer and former D1 Athlete, Garrick Clig, it starts with deep breathing and being appreciative for what you ALREADY HAVE in your life. He says,

“I begin my day by placing my hand over my heart, breathing through my diaphragm, and focusing on three things I’m grateful for.

1. Being able to take a deep breath.

2. Having clients who want to work with me.

3. Having a car.

Keep it simple.”

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Simple is almost always better.

One thing is for sure, each athlete will find their own version of ‘what success looks like’ in the morning.

The Argentinian Olympian, Ruben Gonzalez, shares his best advice for attacking the AM, which might be the key to long-term success.


Well, he is the first athlete to compete in four different Winter Olympic Games in four different decades (Calgary 1988, Albertville 1992, Salt Lake City 2002, Vancouver 2010). And yes, he’s training for the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Que impresionante, Ruben! (English Translation: That’s impressive, Ruben!)

ruben gRuben Gonzalez, courtesy of the transition playbook for athletes

Ruben Gonzalez, 4x Olympic Luger says,

“Every morning, I write down the most important 2-3 tasks I want to accomplish. That helps give my day a clear focus. I also take a couple of 15-minute stretching breaks during the day. After each break I ask myself, What can I do in the next 15 minutes to get me closer to my goal?”


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Being intentional with your time and actions is crucial for success in sports.

According to Olympians, taking an intentional approach is one of the keys to a successful morning routine as well. The most important things of the day move the needle forward.

Setting realistic expectations sets the tone for the day.

vince p

Vince Poscente, courtesy of the transition playbook for athletes

Olympic Speed Skier, Vince Poscente, is thoughtful with his AM schedule. He says,

“Start with your M.I.T’s (Most Important Tasks) for success in your routine. This helps me get stuff done without over-scheduling my day.”

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