3 Pro Tips for Athletes

Cook, Connect, and Control your Finances


1. Understand your finances

Billionaire businessman and owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, shared his key to financial success with me as a rookie in the NFL. He said, “Have a big front door, and a small back door. Have more money coming in than going out.” Finances can be that simple. Understanding what comes in and what goes out is essential for managing your money. For more tips, start with people you know who have been financially successful and ask how they save/invest their money.

2. Make the first call

Distinguish yourself. Be the first to pick up the phone or send an email. Most athletes have a difficult time asking for help, especially when we have to take the first step. We’re used to opportunities knocking on OUR door. Successful athletes reach out to people and ask for help. Expect that it may be uncomfortable in the beginning, but it’s a necessary skill to master. You will be surprised how generous people are in offering their time and support.

3. Take control in the kitchen.

Prepare your own food. Learning to cook for yourself is empowering. This cannot be overstated. Smart athletes know nutrition is a major key for success during sports. Take an active role in your health after sports too. Learning your way around the kitchen puts you in full control of what’s powering your body and mind.


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